Manley Introduces PRO-FLO® High Performance Oil Pumps

With the newest engines from GM, Ford and Chrysler employing crank-driven oil pumps that spin twice as fast as those in older engines, there can be problems with cavitation and oil aeration at high RPMs that causes a loss of lubrication at critical times. To overcome this problem, and provide increases in volume or pressure, Manley Performance has introduced Pro-Flo® series oil pumps. They are available for Chevy LS-series, Ford Modular (2, 3 and 4-valve) and Chrysler 5.7/6.1L Hemi engines.
Manley starts with a Melling “Select Performance” series oil pump, then disassembles it, hand-ports the inlet for improved flow, and blueprints it for optimum efficiency. A hard-coat aluminum housing and phosphate-coated cast iron cover add to the Pro-Flo® pump’s reliability. The pump’s improved flow characteristics also reduces parasitic horsepower loss.
Pro-Flo® oil pumps for LS engines are available with a standard volume and 10% increased pressure over stock, or an 18% increase in volume. Ford enthusiasts have a choice of standard volume and pressure, 20 PSI pressure increase, or 8% increased volume with standard oil pressure. Pro-Flo® pumps for Mopars have a stock volume and adjustable pressures.