Packaged Power!

Matched Rotating Assemblies for Mitsubishi and Subaru engines from Manley Performance.

There are two important benefits to purchasing a Manley rotating assembly. First, they contain the finest quality components on the market. Secondly, they are all factory matched to ensure 100% compatibility. Crankshafts include both forged and billet designs, which are lightened wherever possible to improve your RPM potential. They are available in a variety of strokes to reliably increase your engine displacement. For connecting rods, builders can choose between Manley’s popular H-Beam, H-Plus and “Turbo Tuff” I-Beam designs. All are precision forged from 4340 material, fully machined for the optimum balance of strength and weight, and equipped with ARP® rod bolts. Pistons are Manley’s famed Platinum Series, which are forged from 2618 alloy, available in many bore sizes and compression ratios, feature moly-coated skirts and chrome moly wrist pins. Completing the destroked, stock stroke and stroker assemblies are Total Seal piston rings and ACL Race Series narrowed rod and main bearings.

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