Nice one Sonny!

Fabre would like to give a shout out to one of our customers Sonny, at Marranos Enhancement Division in Sydney for what can only be described as an awesome engine build! Here you can see the what the combination of top quality engine parts and engine builder can produce!

The vehicle is a brand new VE SS, delivered by Holden direct to Marrano's, with only 11kms on the clock! Then transformed into this beast!

Fabre supplied many of the parts in the build (in bold)

  • Custom turbo kit biult by marranos with 2 x T51R GARRETS
  • Wegner cnc ported cylinder heads
  • LSX Series II Block (440ci)
  • 1/2inch head bolt conversion
  • Blue printed and balanced
  • ARP Bottom end stud kit
  • ATI Balancer
  • Custom Inlet Manifold
  • Custom intercooler
  • Manley rotating assembly
  • Manley dual valve springs
  • Manley push rods
  • Manley double row timing chain
  • Mellings high volume oil pump
  • GM Performance lifters
  • Custom marranos camshaft
  • Yella Terra light weight rockers
  • Dual 3.5inch custom marranos built exhaust system
  • Custom Marranos biult 1200hp fuel system
  • Turbo smart 40mm Gates x 2
  • Turbo Smart FPR1200 Pressure reg
  • Turbo Smart E-Boost controller
  • Turbo smart blow of valves x 2
  • Custom 2 bar tune by marranos using factory ecu
  • Custom built Radiator
  • Custom Built engine oil cooler
  • All running gear custom designed built by sonny & the team at marranos
  • 825 rwkw (1106 rwhp) on 20 psi!