New Product - NRE Billet Rocker Covers

Fabre now stocks NRE's famous billet rocker covers, your won't believe how good these will look in your engine bay. And if you really want to out do your mate, ask about the custom engraving service.

Product Description Part Number
Std Height LS1/2/3/6/7 VC-0013/VC-0016
Tall Height LS1/2/3/6/7 VC-0014/VC-0017
STD Racer LS1/2/3/6/7 VC-0015
Tall Racer LS1/2/3/6/7 VC-0018
Tall Racer With Oilers VC0019
LS1/LS6 Coil covers STD VC-0031
LS2/LS3 Coil covers STD VC-0034
LS7 Coil covers STD VC-0058
LS1 Coil covers MSD #8245 VC-0033
LS2 Coil covers MSD #8247 VC-0035
BBC Maratimo Custom Oiler VC-0059
SB Chev / STD Sprintcar VC-0001
SB Chev / Sprintcar Lite VC-0055
SB Chev/Sprintcar Oiler VC-0002
Ford Windsor VC-0040
Ford Windsor Oiler VC-0041
Ford Yates D3 VC-0046
Ford Yates D3 Oiler VC-0047
Ford Cleveland - Yates C3 VC-0043
Ford Cleveland Yates C3 Oiler VC-0042
SB2  VC-0004
SB2 Oiler VC-0005
SBC Splayed Valve VC-0056
SBC Splayed Valve Oiler VC-0057
Big Block Ford VC-0064
Big Block Ford Oiler VC-0065
BB Big Chief VC-0010
 BB Big Chief Oiler VC-0011
Brodix Canted Valve VC-0063
Big Block Chev No Oiler VC-0007
Chrysler 300C Cover w-mounts VC-0077
LQ Truck Std Coil Covers VC-0079
Holden 304 PFI Cover No Oiler VC-0071
Ford 4.6L 2V  VC-0084
Chrysler 300C Coil Cover VC-0078
SBC Centre Bolt Valve Cover VC-0087
Tall LS1/2/3/6/7 w/oilers VC-0088