Ross METAL JACKET Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers



A World First In Balancer / Damper Design !! Encased Dampener Within Balancers

Introducing a revolutionary development in torsional dampening technology. Utilising the ROSS Tuffbond original elastrometric bonding process to produce the ROSS Metaljacket® series harmonic balancers / crank pulley dampers.


  • 360 timing marks at 1° intervals
  • Adjustable timing disc, for TDC accuracy
  • Precision CNC machined 40 Tonne tensile alloy steel hub and vibration dampening ring
  • Dampening ring and hub permanently bonded together on TWO axis by our exclusive Tuffbond elastrometric bonding process, ensuring maximum harmful vibrations are absorbed.
  • balancer is anodized for durability and appearance
  • Absorbs more damaging torsional harmonic vibrations
  • Quicker engine acceleration
  • Increases engine life
  • Lifetime warranty, even for racing use - a world first!
  • Never requires maintenance or rebuilding - ever!
  • Rated to 1500 HP
  • Encapsulated MetaL Jacket® design exceeds AN DRA and SF1 i8.1(USA) requirements
  • Fits standard or modified engines
  • Affordably priced

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