NEW PRODUCT: LS-Series Rotating Assemblies


Highly respected engine components manufacturer Manley Performance has introduced a series of rotating assemblies for GM LS-series engines. Offered in a variety of bore/stroke combinations, Manley’s assemblies enable builders to obtain up to 439 cubic inches of displacement.

The nucleus of the assemblies are Lightweight and Super Lightweight 4340 forged steel crankshafts, which are also new to the Manley product line. They are offered in 4.000" and 4.100" strokes and equipped with 24 or 56-tooth reluctor wheels.

Manley’s famed Platinum Series pistons are offered in a wide variety of sizes (3.900" to 4.130" and compression ratios (8.7 to 12.4—depending on dish or flat top design, cylinder bore and combustion chamber sizes). They include moly coated skirts and chrome moly steel wrist pins with locks.

For connecting rods, builders can choose between Manley’s popular H-Beam, H-Lite and I-Beam designs. They are forged from 4340 material and equipped with premium ARP rod bolts.

To complete the assemblies, which are available balanced upon request, Manley utilises a Total Seal piston ring package and Clevite bearings; “H” series narrowed rod bearings and “P” series mains.

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