PRW Race Engine Test Stand

Save Time & Money & Space...
Get the Original Racing test Stand from PRW

The accessorised model, pictured above, comes standard with a pre-drilled instrument panel, 2 toggle switches, momentary switch for the starter, polished aluminium fuel cell, GM aluminium race radiator 26" x 19", 14" electric cooling fan, water temp. gauge, oil pressure gauge, & 0-8000 RPM tachometer. (Engine & engine accessories not included)

The Low-Profile ETS is designed to accommodate most engines, and built to meet the demands of high-output racing engines and heavier big blocks, taking mobile engine test stands to a whole new level of functionality.

Over the years, engine builders, machine shops and hobbyists have suffered with poorly designed and bulky “running” engine stands, or purchased expensive engine test dynamometers, or simply resorted to installing an untested engine in their project vehicle. Think of the value the ETS brings to the engine builder, when the customer can witness his newly purchased engine pre-tested for leaks and fine-tuned before he takes possession and installs it in his vehicle. This revolutionary collapsible and mobile test stand eliminates concerns about potential problems!

The PRW Low-Profile ETS will brings to market the ability to showcase running engines to potential customers, allow fine-tuning at the engine builders shop, or make ready a spare engine at the track if the need arises. The ETS is the first U.S. patent pending collapsible design that is manufactured with standard parts, readily available from the manufacturer. For the small shop or race trailer, the ETS is a real space-saver when collapsed.

The PRW Low-Profile ETS, is a “must have” for just about any machine shop or garage!

Engine builders can look forward to:
• Enhanced Functionality: The Low-Profile ETS is designed to be customisable. With very little effort, engine builders will be able to add on custom solutions to accommodate their individual needs. Its mobility allows for easy trailer transport either with an engine on board or in the collapsed configuration to suit space requirements.
• Heavy Duty Locking Casters & Grade 8 Hardware: The ETS comes standard with heavy duty locking casters and Grade 8 hardware. The standard weight capacity of 1600 lbs can easily be increased to 2000 lbs. with a simple upgrade of the casters.
• Many Available Options: Available options include; radiator, radiator overflow, a variety of gauges, switches, fuel cell, electric temperature controlled fan, wiring harness/blocks and motor mounts.
• Tig Welded .125” Steel Tube Frame: The bead welding and .125” thick walls of the tube steel frame enable the Low-Profile ETS to withstand heavy use and massive horsepower.
• Fully Boxed Frame & Uprights: Leaving nothing unfinished, designers have gone the extra mile to ensure the end result is nothing less than a masterpiece.
• Bead Blasted & Powder-Coated: Bead blasting and textured powder coating provide the finishing touch for a more durable finished product.